A Chance to Dance


A Chance to Dance explains everything parents need to know to help their child pursue dance, as a temporary hobby or a long-term career. Written by Betsy Bradley, a ballet instructor with forty years’ experience who is also trained in child development, this comprehensive guide touches on a wide assortment of dance disciplines, including ballet, modern, musical theater, and more.

With the rising popularity of dance reality TV shows such as So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing with the Stars, more and more kids are becoming interested in taking dance lessons. But while these shows present a great picture of what a dance education can produce, they don’t offer parents much, if any, information on how to help their child get that necessary training. There is more to parenting a dancer than dropping your kid off at the local studio for a class and showing up for recitals.

Discover how to give your child a healthy foundation for all his or her dancing dreams by deciding what style of dance to learn, picking a studio that fits your child’s goals, and encouraging your child through the various auditions and competitions he or she might encounter.