Cinderella Opera National De Lyon


A Ballet By Maguy Marin. Music by Sergei Prokofiev. Lyon National Opera Ballet, Lyon National Opera Orchestra. Conductor: Yakov Kreisberg. Dancers: Francoise Jouillie, Dominique Laine, Jayne Plaisted. Maguy Marin's highly original and magical version of the Cinderella story, as conceived for and performed by the Lyon National Opera Ballet, was an unparalleled success throughout its world tour. Anna Kisselgoff of the New York Times said that Marin's "vision reaches back into the universals of everyone's childhood - the hurts and joys resonate here with touching depth." The characters in her beautifully child-like version of the ballet are live dolls, with real human feelings projected upon them in the way children identify with their real playthings. The story unfolds within a doll's house set - The Fairy Godmother resembles a robot, Cinderella goes to the ball in a toy car and the Prince goes in search of his new love on a rocking horse..."This is not Prokofiev's Cinderella but Maguy Marin's version - a brilliantly conceived one at that." (New York Times)